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Aftercare - wood tops

Wood tops

Oiling regularly helps the worktops develop a good, water-resistant surface. Apply oil every 6 months, though areas which are used a lot may need oiling more often - you can tell when the worktops need re-oiling because the surface will start to look dull and any spilt water will spread out.
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Keep the area around the sink dry when not in use; mop up any spills and don't leave steel, copper, or (especially) iron pans on the tops for any length of time. Don't leave wet items like glasses, coffee mugs etc. on the surfaces as you may get ring marks. Don't put very hot pans directly on the surface. Don't chop directly on the surface or drag heavy metal pans along it, especially across the grain. Don't use bleach or aggressive chemical cleaners on the surface - clean worktops with a damp cloth and diluted washing up liquid and remove any excess moisture afterwards.

If you do have an accident, fine sand paper along the grain until the mark is removed and then re-oil.

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