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Kitchen Handles

We have a handle/knob to suit every range. (Click on a handle name to view it)

800-00-K22 Pewter T-Handle
800-00-K23 Pewter Drop Handle
800-00-K24 Small Diameter Antique
800-00-K25 Matt Nickel Knob
800-00-K27 Matt Nickel
800-00-K33 Aluminium Effect
800-00-K30 Aluminium Effect
800-00-K35 Aluminium Effect
800-00-K36 Nickel Pewter
800-00-K40 Cast Iron Handle
800-00-K42 Pewter Cage
800-00-K43 Pewter Cage
800-00-K46 Aluminium Effect
800-00-K49 Natural Maple
800-00-K50 Natural Maple
800-00-K52 Stainless Steel
Square Knob
800-00-K58 Pewter Effect
Cage Knob
800-00-K61 Matt Chrome
Bridge Handle 128mm
800-00-K62 Matt Chrome
Bridge Handle 256mm
800-00-K64 Stainless Steel
Wide Bar Handle
800-00-K66 Cast Iron Effect
Gothic D-Handle
800-00-K91 Chunky Bar Brushed
Chrome Handle
800-00-K100 Brushed Stainless Steel
Effect Profile Handle 160mm
800-00-K101 Brushed Stainless Steel
Effect Profile Handle 128mm
800-00-K104 Cast Iron
Tung Handle 32mm
800-00-K105 Cast Iron
Tung Handle 96mm
800-00-K106 Cast Iron
Latch Handle 128mm
800-00-K107 Cast Iron
Bow Handle 128mm
800-00-K121 Cast Iron
Hadley Handle 128mm
800-00-K122 Cast Iron
Baroque Grip Handle 96mm
800-00-K123 Chrome Plated
Linea Handle 192mm
800-00-K124 Chrome Plated
Linea Handle 64mm
800-00-K125 Brushed Nickel
Linea Handle 192mm
800-00-K126 Brushed Nickel
Linea Handle 64mm
800-00-K127 Stainless Steel Effect
Dish Handle
800-00-K128 Chrome Plated
Sculptured Handle
800-00-K129 Connect Zebrano
800-00-K130 Cast Iron
Mottled Square Knob
800-00-K132 Stainless Steel Effect
Handle 224mm
800-00-K133 Stainless Steel Effect
Wave Handle
800-00-K134 Pewter Effect
800-00-K135 Brushed Stainless Steel
Knob + Back Plate
800-00-K136 Cast Iron
Knob 35mm
800-00-K137 Cast Iron
Knob 48mm
800-00-K138 Stainless Steel
Effect Handle 128mm
800-00-K139 Stainless Steel Effect
U-Shaped Knob
800-00-K140 Rounded Polished Chrome
D-Handle 160mm
800-00-K141 Polished Cup
Handle 160mm
800-00-K142 Polished Cup
Handle 64mm
800-00-K144 Stainless Steel Effect
800-00-K146 Stainless Steel Bow
Shaped Handle 160mm
800-14-62 Small Diameter
French Oak Knob
800-52-66 Black Walnut
Rounded Knob
800-72-66 Maize Rounded Knob
800-73-66 Cornflower
Rounded Knob
800-75-66 Sage
Rounded Knob
800-78-66 Ivory
Rounded Knob
800-88-67 Large Diameter
Dark Cherry knob
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